Laoban Company Limited is a Ghanaian based company established to identify African problems and provide solutions to them.

Laoban Company LTD


Laoban Company Limited is a Ghanaian based company established to identify African problems and provide solutions to them. We look for problems in Africa and provide solutions to them. We are driven by strong passion to serve our people with respect. We understand that African problems must be solve by Africans.

Educational Consultancy

Laoban Kidcare is a Ghanaian based education consulting firm with branches in all part of Ghana. We are solely into early childhood education and primary school science and technology education.

Logistics Services

We don’t just import but we do all our possible best to export too for our continent to get money to finance it budgets. We handles export operations for small and medium domestic company that wants to sell its product overseas

Poverty Alleviation

As Nelson Mandela said: “Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.”

Digital Content &  System Solution

We’ve parterned with Dephlex Creatives to provide awesome and affordable web solutions through a unique customer experience.
We bring dreams to reality with our clients being part of our every step.


We export the Rosewood, Okan and Tali wood to Asia , North and South America and Europe. We have every legal license needed for us to export wood to the world. We exported 200 containers in 2017.


Our cashew kernels are vacuum packed and a large percentage are exported to European and North American retailers. A smaller tonnes of the kernels are sold currently exported to Asia and we hope to get Chinese client

How can we help you

We provide the following services to solve problems in Africa:


We develop digital<br /> content (websites, mobile applications and educational books and creative videos)


We provide automated payment<br /> system (online and offline payment system) Outstanding service

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We work together with<br /> well-established N.G.O to solve Africa problem.


We organise career skills<br /> training programs for fewer privilege people in Africa

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We want you to be our next satisfied customer.

Honest and dependable

Honesty is the best brand that attracts customers to Laoban Company Limited.  We are very honest with our day to day business activities with customers. We believe that truly speaks for himself and makes a company survive for years. We know that in this world most people cherish this quality. If you are honest, people will trust you and depends on you to get things done and when you get is done it makes them happy. 

Moving Africa Forward Digitally and Economically.

Our company offers a full array of mature products covering software and hardware for contact card systems applicable in bus ticketing, timecard recording, shopping, access control, charging, water control, fingerprint reading and property management. 

Our clients


What people are Saying!

They are honest and humble people who always deliever on their promises


Proprietor, New World School

They are very honest and great business partners. They understand people and always want the best for their customers


CEO, Ebenodi shipping limited

Let’s work together

Together we can build great things and give our best to our people. Let know you dream and we will achieve it together