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Laoban Kidcare is a Ghanaian based education consulting firm with branches in all part of Ghana. We are solely into early childhood education and primary school science and technology education. In early childhood education we organise training workshops for teachers especially early childhood teachers.

 Our firm is a mission driven firm for school stakeholders and owners in search of great lasting positive change in every aspect of child educational development. Through our combination of customized consulting services, passion to help future leaders, powerful visions and ideas, and training and learning communities, we help public and private schools, non-profits, foundations, businesses, and governments around Africa to invest and use every opportunity available to them to unleash their full potential to ensure positive change in the educational sector.

 Our expertise in educational planning, educational pedagogy and evaluation, teaching and learning material developments, science laboratory development, amusement centre developments helps clients to make the school a loving place of learning for children.

Our consulting work, research, practical experience as teachers, analysis of successful efforts and our burning desire to create better future leaders have led us to write about and develop ideas that we believe will continue to change the world and make schools a better place of learning. We are driven by a strong and committed passion to give hope to our kids, create a better future for all children, and assist schools to create an environment which will help children to develop lifelong learning character. We take systems thinking the approach to tackle complex system problems.

 Is our dream to help schools to develop kid-friendly environments, support Shared Value Initiative, and create better learning communities that provide tools and practical teachings for future change agents.



We believe that the challenges are great and heavy is the responsibility yet it’s a glorious task which requires teamwork where we must work together, where we must build strong partnerships and lift up the compelling great ideas and successes of others. We need to share the responsibility so that we can easily work together to overcome the challenges that we face as educators. One entity cannot solve all the educational problems that we face today and the ones that we will face tomorrow because most of the problems that we face are simply too big and for us to provide a better solution and achieve everlasting impact depends on collaboration among educational service providers, government and teachers.


The educational world is evolving at a pace that we need to catch up with educators. Our known approaches to address today’s most intractable problems are failing us and leaving us in a hopeless situation as far as the future is concerned. We must do our possible best to replace it as soon as possible with modern ones that better fit the realities of how positive social change happens.


We live in a complex world and our educational issues are also embedded in a complex system that need complex thinkers to provide solutions to them. Change is possible if only we truly understand and support interdependent part of the system to help produce holist system solutions

Above all, we believe that when we create an enabling environment which provides for                                                                 children’s needs, it will help them to develop love for learning and be independent in life


Educational Services

We supply amusement playing equipment to schools.

The pdf file below contains most of the playing things we supply

Educational Services

We teach the Chinese language to children for free in schools.

We supply Science laboratory tools and learning equipment.

Educational Services

We write books and create learning video for schools.

We supply Teaching and learning materials.

Let’s work together

Together we can build great things and give our best to our people. Let know you dream and we will achieve it together